Self-service systems for user-satisfaction and additional revenues for companies.

We believe that self-service is the central task of all digital products and offers. Users should be able to regulate their concerns themselves – according to their needs, where and when they want.

This interaction is always a dialogue. Just as assistance systems in cars make us better drivers, we need “dialogue assistance systems” that enable even inexperienced laypeople to regulate their affairs quickly and with high quality.

That is why we develop solutions from simple customer journeys to AI-supported complete systems that are user-oriented and offer companies opportunities for cost savings and new business areas.

4 competence-sections for a 360 ° view

In order to be able to develop sustainable solutions, we like to get a complete overview and help our customers to develop the best digitisation strategy for them. From this strategy and the internal products and processes, we derive individual customer journeys or entire product worlds.

Digitisation consulting

We offer more than 25 years experience in digital media and help our customers to develop their personal “Mission Mars” as well as the roadmap for their personal digital transformation and a new busniess.

Dialogue Design

The ideal dialogue with the customer is the result of many good ones. We design such dialogues as customer journeys, landing pages or complex overall offers in order to achieve dialog goals..


We are “product” and we are specialised in developing services which have to prove themselves in long-term operations. We know how to derive successful products from strategies and requirements.


Together with the novomind AG, we develop and operate industry-specific dialogue assistance systems to support service centers and generate additional incomes by integrating additional services

Our Tool-Set

In order to be able to provide our customers with comprehensive support, we not only offer expertise and advice in all questions of digital transformation, but also have everything on board that is needed to bring ideas onto the road and operate them permanently.

We are proud Solution Provider of
novomind AG, Hamburg


From the concept to flows to the conversational and classic UI as well as specifications, we offer everything to turn an idea into a product.


In order to be able to design and develop really user-centric, the regular user test is essential. We help to listen to the customer.


Without system integration and coding, there is no 360 ° support. Therefore, of course, technical competence is also part of our portfolio.


Upon request, we accompany our customers as interim managers on their way to new business and create products and structures as CPOs.


Choosing the right strategy is crucial. We develop concepts and roadmaps, which we are happy to discuss and expand with the management.


Operating dialogue systems for our customers – also and especially so that we can learn together is also one of the things we are happy to offer.

Some References

Entertainment | Energy | Real Estate

Different industries, different locations – but we have always accompanied our customers for a long time and the development and operation of digital products with strong self-service requirements is and has always been the focus.

Spiri.Bo GmbH

CPO, interim management and design since 2018.
We help to think and develop digital self-service for the housing industry.


Our heart project. We support the establishment of a digital platform for classical music – in live concerts or in innovative formats.

E.ON digital attacker UK, DE & Riga

E.ON has not only completely revised its infrastructure, but also the way in which it communicates to customers – we took part too.

JUKE (Mediamarkt-Saturn)

It doesn’t always have to be Spotify – with Juke, Mediamarkt / Saturn has presented its own streaming platform – we accompanied the relaunch.

Redesign E.ON Germany

The new CI from E.ON also had to be rolled out across all websites, of course. We have developed and integrated customer journeys in a new design.

maxdome Smart-TV

With the Max experts, madome tried out a new customer language – and revised all services in the process – we looked after Smart TV.

At the gates of Hamburg –
at home in the metropolitan region

We are located at the gates of Hamburg, but as a modern, digital company we are connected with employees, partners and service providers throughout Germany – from Hamburg to Munich and Vienna.

How to contact us:


+49 4105 50 100 51